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Christi CartoonHello! Wow, a standing ovation. For little ol’ me? Okay, okay. Take your seats. What a great looking imaginary audience! Really. You guys look fabulous! Okay, okay. For those of you at home, thanks for tuning in to My Imaginary Talk Show. I’m Christi and I will be your imaginary host.

You may be asking, “Hey, Christi! Why the heck are you hosting an imaginary talk show? Are you firing on all cylinders?” Well, it’s like this…

I listened to a podcast where the speaker asked listeners what they would be doing if they could do anything. And I thought to myself, “Um, I’d be hosting a talk show, oh, motivating one!” Then the speaker revved up the motivation and asked, “What’s standing in the way of you doing that thing right now?” And I thought to myself, “Um, just about everything.” But the more I listened, the more I thought I wanted to put this whole motivating stuff to the test. That is how the idea for My Imaginary Talk Show was born.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a freelance writer/ghostwriter, who has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Best Citizen of the Year for Mrs. Goss’s 2nd grade class in 1976. I have two grown sons, who are fascinating people in their own rights and have no need to ride on my imaginary coattails. “Let ‘em make it big on their own,” I always say! (Although, I kind of like them, so you’ll see them around anyway.) I’m also a recent breast cancer survivor, and, let me tell you, those bald lady jokes write themselves. If my lifestyle were any more healthy, I’d be telling you that many parts of the pine tree are edible. My hobbies include walking my geriatric dog and laughing at my own jokes. I’m not crazy. I just seem that way on paper. And in real life. Now, sit back and relax. We’ve got a great show for you today.

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“Show business is my life.” ~ Lewis Grizzard

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“When all else fails, there’s always delusion.” ~ Conan O’Brien

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