Oprah has her Favorite Things. Ellen has her 12 Days of Giveaways. That’s all well and good if you’re someone who feels the need to buy the love of others. But, when it was time to come up with My Imaginary Talk Show’s holiday gift to viewers, I knew I didn’t need to flaunt my imaginary wealth and major corporate connections. Instead, I decided to give of myself. Well, I really decided to give myself. That’s right. My holiday gift to you is… ME!!!! Working closely with Landon, my artist in residence, we have come up with two spectacular printable pages of Christi Paper Dolls with six fabulous wardrobe changes. So… YOU get a paper doll! And YOU get a paper doll! THE WHOLE AUDIENCE GETS A PAPER DOOOOOOOLLLL!

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I know you’ll have hours of fun with your very own imaginary talk show host adventures. You can use them as a replacement for Flat Stanley. Take Flat Christi with you where’er you go. Send pictures of yourself playing with them and they may even appear on the show! Squeeeeeee!!!!

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