If you need a little diversion from the Presidential election, why not turn your attention to some classic television elections? At this point, I’d even consider voting for Boss Hogg!

15. The Dukes of Hazzard “People’s Choice”

Originally aired November 30, 1979

Boss Hogg breaks out every dirty trick in the book to win re-election as Hazzard County Administrator. Hmm… That sounds familiar.


14. Diff’rent Strokes “The Election

Originally aired January 9,1980

Mr. Drummond decides to run for City Council in this post Mrs. Garrett episode. I hope his first act of business will be adding that missing “e” to Diff’rent Strokes. 

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13. Full House “Too Little Richard Too Late”

Originally aired May 10, 1994

Joey runs for president of Michelle’s PTA in an effort to save her school’s art program. Little Richard guest stars as Denise’s uncle. Good golly, Miss Molly!


12. The Facts of Life “Breaking Point”

Originally aired January 28,1981

Blair runs for class president. During the course of the heated campaign, one of the candidates commits suicide, in this “very special” episode of The Facts of Life.


11. Good Times “The Politicians”

Originally aired November 4, 1975

J.J. and James are supporting one candidate while Florida, Thelma, and Willona are rooting for his competitor. I feel your pain, Florida! I feel your pain.


10. The Andy Griffith Show “Barney Runs for Sheriff”

Originally aired February 8, 1965

Andy Taylor misses the election filing deadline because he thinks he is accepting another job. Barney ends up running for sheriff of Mayberry against write-in candidate, Andy. Oh, Barney, what must Thelma Lou think of you?


9. Gilligan’s Island “President Gilligan”

Originally aired October 31, 1964

The Skipper and Thurston Howell III compete for the prestigious position of President of the island. I don’t want to give the ending away, but there’s a write-in candidate and he’s in the title of this episode.


8. The Brady Bunch “Vote for Brady”

Originally aired December 12, 1969

When Greg and Marcia both run for student body president things get more heated than… Oh, let’s face it. It’s The Brady Bunch. Things don’t get that heated.


7. Frasier “The Candidate”

Originally aired November 8, 1994

When Martin endorses a right-wing candidate, Frasier and Niles support his opponent. Mayhem ensues. And, face it. Who doesn’t enjoy a little ensuing mayhem every now and then?


6. Little House on the Prairie “The Election”

Originally aired March 21, 1977

Those hooligan boys in the Walnut Grove school nominate poor ol’ Elmer Dobkins for class president. But does Elmer have a chance against popular Mary Ingalls and richie-rich Nellie Oleson? Elmer should be thankful he lived before the age of cyberbullying!


5. The Andy Griffith Show “Ellie for Council”

Originally aired December 12, 1960

When Ellie learns not a single woman is running for town council of Mayberry, she throws her flowered hat in the ring. The town is split in a battle of the sexes. I mean, just because she’s a “lady druggist,” is she really smart enough to be a councilman? Uh, lady councilman? Councilgal?


4. The Brady Bunch “Miss Popularity”

Originally aired December 21, 1973

When Jan is nominated for the most popular girl of her class, she overdoes it on the campaign promises. How else could she beat Kathy Williams, who is “beautiful, brainy, and built”? At least she wasn’t running against Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.


3. I Love Lucy “The Club Election”

Originally aired February 16, 1963

Lucy and Ethel both run for president of the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League. It all comes down to the vote of new member, Ruth Knickerbocker. Think of Mrs. Knickerbocker as a sort of WAFAL super delegate.

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2. The Gilmore Girls “Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too”

Originally aired October 12, 2004

Jackson is fed up with Taylor’s political shenanigans and decides to run for town selectman. Lorelei and Sookie manage his campaign and Sookie looks every bit the politician’s wife. Check out the pink suit and anchorwoman hair!


1. Designing Women “The Candidate”

Originally aired November 21, 1988

Julia Sugarbaker is recruited to run for city council against a reactionary candidate. Sugarbaker for President!

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